Programming an application with two users in mind (both new and advanced) can be challenging. It is thus important that an application be easy for the first time user to get up and running while at the same time providing advanced features for the user who is more familiar with an application. We thus incorporate the following guidelines in the development process that assists in meeting this challenge:

  • Creating a pleasing-to-the-eye format that is easy to read and use while providing comprehensive information at the same time.
  • Providing a straight forward approach to information management while making advanced customization features available.
  • Including extensive on-line help providing detailed step-by-step instructions for working in an application.
  • Encouraging users to browse through the application to experience what the product can do while offering protection against data damage and getting "stuck" in the system.
  • Developing effective applications for today's business involves expert programming and the use of powerful technology.
  • Always keeping the end user in mind

We believe powerful applications that are easy to use produce results through increased productivity.

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