We truly are a one-stop graphic design house, offering a wide variety of products and services. We offer design services for things such as advertisements and sales material. You tell us exactly what you want and what your budget is and we will do the rest.

Multimedia Development
A multimedia production combines different media types into a cohesive presentation. These different media types include text, video, animation, audio, and graphics. Alone, each of these types are effective but when combined, they can dramatically improve the effectiveness of the presentation, whether you are demonstrating the internal workings of a mechanical piece, making a sales presentation, training new employees, or just trying to entertain. Somewhat similar in idea to a television program, whether educational or business oriented, multimedia productions are tailored to specifically meet your needs, whether your needs include employee training, customer service, or product development and marketing. Our abilities include photograph scanning and editing, logo digitization, creation of 2D and 3D animation.

Task: 2D Animation in Flash

3D Modeling and Animation
We incorporate 3D animations into many of our productions to demonstrate the inner workings of a product, or how a building will look when it is finished. Our animations are more training oriented, which depend on a good understanding of mechanical operations. We have mechanical and electrical design engineers on call so you can be sure that any mechanical renderings are done accurately and not dependent on an artist’s interpretation of what they think is going on.

Architectural Walk-Through
Nothing can be more convincing to a customer than being walked-through a virtual model of the planned building. With a walk-through, things can be discovered, added or corrected before the actual construction begins, thus potentially saving a great deal of money. We can take CAD drawings and turn them into a finished walk-through.

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