We provide quality services in the areas of web development like:

  • Website Designing, remodeling and maintenance.  
  • Multimedia.      
  • 2D & 3D Animations.

Task: 2D Animation in Flash

Our focus is developing web sites from the user’s point of view. Pages that are visually appealing, functional, and easy to navigate keep a reader interested in the web site. We also ensure:

Visitors Point of View
Developing web sites from the user’s point of view ensures that users read the site content. We ensure that our designs are pleasing to the eye and provide information in an easy to find and follow format.

Personal Touch
Our development team of planners, layout experts and designers work together to ensure that your site is unique and suits your company’s style.

Latest Technology
Expert presentation of information combined with an understanding of ever changing Internet technology results in web sites that are an effective marketing tool. A professional, well-structured layout that utilizes the latest in interactive tools will enhance your company’s image and customer relations.

High Impact, Low Cost
A high impact web site does not mean spending thousands. A well-laid out Home Page with good copy may be all you need to attract new business. As your company grows, your web site can grow too. Adding additional pages, links, graphics, buttons, etc. to your site can be done on an as-needed basis. While some companies may only need a small web presence, your company may need a larger web presence based on the complexity of your business and competition.

In order to evaluate how simple or complex a web site is required; we take the following points into consideration to ensure maximum customer satisfaction...    

  • What does a customer wants to accomplish from his site?
  • How complex is his business (product / service)?
  • What type of corporate image he wants to project to his potential customers?
  • Is there a corporate theme that the customer wants to follow?
  • Does the customer need the services of a copywriter or will he provide his own copy?
  • Does the customer need a uniform navigational system on each page?
  • Does the customer want to include graphics?
  • Does the customer want to be linked with other sites?

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