We are an emerging software solution provider offers a range of expertise in the areas of Internet and Client /Server Technology. We provide both consultancies as well as development services in emerging information technology areas like Enterprise Wide Client / Server, Web and e-Commerce. Since our inception, we have been actively associated in providing the latest technological know-how to leading business organizations.

We have executed several projects using a multitude of platforms, languages, databases and tools. Our pool of highly qualified and committed professionals possess technical expertise in some of the most sought after and cutting edge technologies like Client / Server, COM, DCOM, Java, ASP, PHP, and Dot NET. These professionals are constantly exposed to various training courses on programming practices, software quality assurance, and software engineering on specific tools and techniques. Here are a few more reasons why to go with us...

We have created the right platform for companies who are interested in outsourcing their designing & programming projects so as to ensure reliability and simplicity. We ensure extremely advantageous conditions like:

  • Personalized service.
  • Dedication to meeting or beating your budget.
  • Using highly skilled team of domain experts, programmers, designers and Project Managers for each project.
  • Competent capability to handle front-end designing and developing Admin Panels for Back-end Administration.

Our strengths lie in custom tailored solutions. We not only develop custom solutions, but also research the industry and business objectives. Our solutions range from Client server solutions, e-Commerce, Media Portals, Multimedia Presentation, Streaming Audio and Video, to full service IT teams, along with guarantee of best possible service at the best possible price.


In order to provide total quality assurance, we are dedicated to the concept of listening to the Customer’s needs. This knowledge is implemented through a comprehensive system of design and developmental procedures, training and QA mechanisms to ensure the highest level of quality as well as customer satisfaction.

To ensure this high quality, we begin with the proper preparation of System Requirement Specification (SRS), which is carried forward into the development process and finally extends itself to total customer satisfaction.

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